Fees and Insurance

What are the fees for our services?

Please call our office to discuss fees with our office staff for therapy and assessments. Psychological and psychoeducational evaluations are priced depending on the types of services performed.

What if I have Insurance?

If you will be using health insurance, the office staff can answer questions regarding your exact insurance benefits, including deductibles and co-payments. Sometime the experience of contacting an insurance office for information is difficult and complicated. Our staff are expert at this process. Most new clients want to know this information before the initial appointment so they will know what payment will be expected at the time of services. We are on no HMOs but will takes insurance payments for out-of-network service. Our services should be covered in part if you have out of network coverage on your medical insurance.

The office staff will complete and file your insurance claims for each session if desired, or the client may file his or her own insurance claims. The client is expected to make the co-payment at the time of services. If the deductible has not been met for the year, the client's payment for services may be filed to apply toward the deductible.

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