Meet Dr. Leist

Dr. Leist is a licensed psychologist. She graduated from Argosy University with a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology. She has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Baylor University, and Master’s degrees in General and Clinical Psychology from Capella University and Argosy University. Dr. Leist has been working in mental health since 2002. She has conducted numerous assessments with Covenant Kids Adoption and Foster Agency and with Cook Children’s Hospital. She also has experience in a private practice setting conducting therapy and assessments with both children and adults. Dr. Leist is experienced in areas including learning disabilities, attention problems, mood disorders, Autism spectrum disorders, cognitive disorders, and life transition concerns. She is also well versed in techniques for improving relationships with couples and families.

Dr. Leist is also an adjunct professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. She teaches in the addiction counseling program.

Cognitive Bahavioral Therapist

Dr. Leist uses a solution-oriented therapeutic approach. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, and additional problem-solving skills as deemed appropriate by Dr. Leist and her clients. As with any therapeutic relationship, trust and highly confidential sessions help to create a safe environment for clients to enhance their lives and learn skills to cope with events from simple daily stressors to extreme life transitions.

What training has Dr. Leist received to qualify her to treat my situation?

Dr. Ann Marie Leist is a licensed psychologist in private practice. She has received the following degrees:

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